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Types Of Flooring For Your Kitchen

Types Of Flooring For Your Kitchen

Designing a bespoke kitchen doesn’t stop with choosing whether you want an Aga or contemporary oven and what the unit doors should look like. 

Of course, these decisions are important, but choosing the right floor for your kitchen can make a big difference to the overall look of the room – for some it is actually the starting point. 

Choose the wrong floor for the style of kitchen and the whole look is ruined. 

So what are the options?


If you have chosen a traditional or country style kitchen with wooden units either a stone or wooden floor would be perfect. 

Stone slabs come in different colours and styles such as terracotta flagstones or slate tiles. These can be polished up or left with the natural patina – each providing a different vibe.

An alternative would be stripped wooden floorboards which would add to the rustic look.  You need to choose a durable, hardwood which won’t get damaged easily by people walking on it or imprints from furniture. 


If you have a more contemporary kitchen you could choose laminate, concrete or vinyl flooring. 

Laminate is bright and fresh, easy to clean and durable, as is vinyl. Both are ideal if your kitchen has heavy traffic, or if you have children or pets.

However, vinyl isn’t just practical. If you have a plain kitchen you can brighten it up with vinyl flooring as it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. 

Another option, especially for an industrial style kitchen would be a concrete floor. This can be highly polished, giving it a mirrored appearance, or left matt. Alternatively, matt porcelain tiles can also add a great contemporary feel to your kitchen.

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by Callum Leese

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Visit Kitch Living