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More than Just a Kitchen

More than Just a Kitchen

Many of our home lives involve being in the kitchen, so it’s important to make it our own. A room that is all function and nothing else is not nice to spend time in. That’s where you can make it more than just a kitchen. Accessorising and making different choices will turn a kitchen into a room with its own personal style. Take a look below at these quick fixes to create a space that you love. 

There’s beauty in utilities 

Having all of your cookware in a neutral palette can be hung from the wall to create a very pleasing picture. Use tactile materials such as string and wood to bring a more traditional feel to hanging your kitchen utensils. 

Make the essentials a masterpiece

What if you displayed your glassware as pieces of personality that boosts your kitchens look? Everyday items like glass and tableware can be really personal to you, so display them where they’re easy to grab. 

Add a bit of personality 

Something like a personal blackboard is the perfect accessory for any kitchen. Whether you use it to write reminders to the family or for the weekly shopping list, it’s an eye-catching display of your home life. Blackboards have become very popular as a retro accessory choice for many kitchens. 

Use pieces of nature

If you like to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables then these can be turned into subtle displays around the kitchen. Not only will this allow the produce to ripen, but much of it is also in beautiful colours and shapes that really add a special touch to a kitchen. 

Declutter the kitchen 

Now you have an idea of what you can use as different accessories and décor around the kitchen, it’s time to have a clear out. Strip back the items you have in the kitchen to the essentials. Display only things that fit in with your new style. Everything else should be stored away until you need it.

by Callum Leese

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Visit Kitch Living