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Create a bedroom that dreams are made of

Create a bedroom that dreams are made of

In recent years, our bedrooms have become more than a place to sleep. They can be a place of socialising, a place of work, your area for exercise, and even a beauty salon or hair dressers from time to time.

But could this bedroom invasion be having a serious effect on our quality of sleep? This guide offers five tips to help you reclaim your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation.

1. Calming Colour Schemes

When you’re surrounding by a calming and tranquil environment, then you are more likely to drift into blissful slumber. Bold and bright colours on your bedroom walls may have the opposite effect, so if you find that you’re struggling to drop off, consider a bedroom makeover.

Think soft blues, greens, purples and almost any pastel colour. Not only is this the ideal opportunity to give your bedroom the revamp you’ve been waiting for, but you can really create a truly relaxing space.

Calming colours don’t have to be restricted to walls either! Bedding, decoration and any other soft furnishings in complimentary colours could only benefit, and provide the perfect finishing touches.

2. No Tech Zone

We know this is said over, and over again, but it’s done so for a reason! If you’re really struggling to get to sleep at night the main reason could be because you spend too long looking at phone, TV or computer screens!

Try a few nights with the bedroom as a no tech zone, and that does mean leaving your phone in another room to charge, and see if you’re able to fall asleep better.

Reading a book might make your eyes feel a little more tired, or if you really struggle without technology by your side, play some calming music to help you drift off.

3. Find Furniture that Fits

If your room is over-flowing with unnecessary furniture, it can begin to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Take a step back and consider what you truly need in your bedroom. Can you afford to move the desk? Will the bookshelf work better downstairs?

A room with less clutter will not only look much cleaner and create the illusion of space, it could also create a far more relaxing environment to fall asleep in.

4. Soothing Scents

Just like the perfect bubble bath, soothing scents can promote relaxation and calm within the bedroom. Lavender, in particular, is a known stress reliever, but also try lemon or jasmine (maybe not all at once) either in a bedside candle, or a reed diffuser.

5. Find the Right Temperature 

Beyond thinking about your bedroom interior, the temperature of your room may also contribute to the quality of your sleep. Temperature can be impacted by multiple factors, such as the amount of furniture or clutter that is in your room, and even the amount of tech that is running at any one time.

A study conducted by US organisation, the National Sleep Foundation, found that the ideal room temperature for sleep is around 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 Celsius). Therefore our bodies prefer to be cooler, but not cold, when falling asleep, so keep this in mind when picking the perfect duvet and bedding – keep the tog rating low if necessary!

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by James Holmes

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Visit Kitch Living