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bespoke kitchens

The art of great kitchen design

Our vast selection of door styles and accompanying accessories are designed to inspire and excite you. When combined with our specially sourced timbers and a palette of paint finishes, you will have a home graced with furniture that is completely original, comprising the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Our methods

Employing a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge modern technology, our cabinetry is produced using methods that ensure superior quality and the most innovative examples of design. Each one of our bespoke products begins its journey with a detailed client consultation in order to decide its functional and aesthetic purpose in your home and then follows a stringent production process to ensure its accurate execution.

The materials we use

From our eco-friendly timber to our top-of-the-range paint and lacquer finishes, only the very finest materials are chosen in the production of our doors and accessories. Exceptional quality is what we strive for and we ensure that each and every product that leaves our workshop cannot be matched for quality or design.

Our Design Principles

Our doors and accessories are designed to inspire and excite you, resulting in furniture that is completely original and a unique expression of who you are and how you choose to live. The results speak for themselves. Kitch Living Artisan Furniture stands by its reputation for producing some of the most beautifully constructed and designed furniture on the market today.